FasterForms was started in 2014. It was started to fill the desires of the customers and people we already knew and to hopefully branch out to those we have yet to meet. Over a decade of customer support background made our vision an easy and clear path. Help everyone and ever business we can with a personal touch and a level of honestly and ethics the world has long forgotten.

For many business owners the problems sometimes escape the words they are familiar with, especially when it comes to technology. Many business owners throw their hands up and toss change aside for status quo simply out of fear for what they don’t understand. We aim to fix those problems, fill in the blanks, and put all fears to rest for all of our customers.



Currently at the heart of FasterForms is a solid 2-man team consisting of both founders. The key seeds of the company need to be sewn before we can start hunting for new talent, but we already know what we need next.

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