FasterForms was started in 2014. It was started to fill the desires of the customers and people we already knew and to hopefully branch out to those we have yet to meet. Over a decade of customer support background made our vision an easy and clear path. Help everyone and ever business we can with a personal touch and a level of honestly and ethics the world has long forgotten.

For many business owners the problems sometimes escape the words they are familiar with, especially when it comes to technology. Many business owners throw their hands up and toss change aside for status quo simply out of fear for what they don’t understand. We aim to fix those problems, fill in the blanks, and put all fears to rest for all of our customers.



Currently at the heart of FasterForms is a solid 2-man team consisting of both founders. The key seeds of the company need to be sewn before we can start hunting for new talent, but we already know what we need next.

  • Your Name Here – Developer
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  • Customizable

    We can convert ANY piece of paper into a digital form that is more secure, less expensive, and faster to fill out. Guaranteed!

  • 99% Uptime

    Paper never has downtime, so we have to be just as reliable. Your online forms will be available anywhere at all times.

  • Anywhere Access

    Your online forms can be accessed anywhere from any device. Our forms work with Android, iOS, Linux, Macintosh, & Windows.

  • Database Ready

    If you currently use a database we can import your customers, items, or anything else into your new form saving you time and money.

  • High security

    We offer 256-bit SSL encryption for any form at your request. This way you can rest easy knowing your data is safe.

  • Real Support

    Get support directly from your own dedicated developer. No phone menus, no outsourced calls, and no hold times.


  • Form Verification

    Have a secure form that only certain people should access? We can protect any form with any set of credentials you provide to ensure your submissions are from those key people.

  • Instant Results

    No more waiting for end of day reports or batches to settle, your submissions are live! Stop waiting for your data and start putting it to work for your business.

  • Anywhere Access

    You’ll never need to overnight a form again with FasterForms. Our hosted forms solution gives you and your customers anywhere access on any device 24/7 for immediate use. No software. No apps. Just your forms.

  • Cron Jobs

    Need a database dumped to you at the end of every month? We got that. Need a surveys results reported to you weekly? We can do that too! Your wish is our server side cron job.


    paperless companyThe Paperless Company

    The founders of FasterForms have over 10 years each of business class support and know what it takes to be truly paperless and what users are willing to do to get there. Our customers yearned for a product to enhance their businesses and we created it for them.

    Retail stores and the internet are littered with proprietary and cookie cutter form builders. Here at FasterForms we made sure to be the best product you’ve ever seen and make you wonder what took you so long to go paperless.


open sourceBuilt on Open Source

All forms built by FasterForms are built using industry standards such as HTML5, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, and more. Keeping your customers in the dark with “special sauce” coding only leads to a toxic sales relationship.

If you have a database or product you’d like to integrate with a FasterForm you can rest assured we’ll take a look at it for you for FREE and let you know if it’s possible or not. We strive to help you succeed wherever possible.

If you purchase one of our services you’ll have access to our working database of projects to help fast-track your forms and get you back to work as fast as possible.



big dataWe Aren’t “Big Data”

Many of us are happy to use “big data” services from companies like Google or Facebook. But in exchange for those free services your data is harvested and sold to third parties which many businesses aren’t too thrilled to share.

FasterForms doesn’t store any of your data to begin with so we can’t sell or scrape your data to third parties. Rest assured that your company secrets are safe with you.

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Plans and Pricing


Shared hosting gives you the flexibility of an in-house web service without any of the overhead. All backend services, backups, and updates are handled by our servers so you don’t even need a domain name if you don’t have one yet.

  • Startup
  • $50 / month
  • $250 Setup Fee Per Page
  • 1 Hosted Page
  • Monthly Updates
  • Backup Included
  • SSL Additional
  • Form Launcher Not Included
  • Redundant Hosting Not Included
  • Standard
  • $100 / month
  • $200 Setup Fee Per Page
  • 3 Hosted Pages
  • Weekly Updates
  • Backup Included
  • SSL Additional
  • Form Launcher Included
  • Redundant Hosting Not Included
  • Deluxe
  • $150 / month
  • $150 Setup Fee Per Page
  • 5 Hosted Pages
  • Daily Updates
  • Backup Included
  • SSL Included
  • Form Launcher Included
  • Redundant Hosting Included

We offer very flexible options for medium and large scale businesses. Quotes can be provided upon request for government, educational institutions, or non-profit orders. Free trials still offered for large businesses!

  • À la Carte
  • $0 / month
  • $2,000 Setup Fee Per Page
  • 0 Hosted Pages
  • No Updates
  • Backup Not Included
  • SSL Not Included
  • Form Launcher Included
  • Redundant Hosting Not Included
  • VPS Hosting Not Included
  • Corporation (100+ Users)
  • $300 / month
  • $100 Setup Fee Per Page
  • 10+ Hosted Pages
  • Daily Updates
  • Backup Included
  • SSL Included
  • Form Launcher Included
  • Redundant Hosting Included
  • VPS Hosting Included
  • Enterprise (1,000+ Users)
  • Varies / month
  • $0 Setup Fee Per Page
  • 10+ Hosted Pages
  • Daily Updates
  • Backup Included
  • SSL Included
  • Form Launcher Included
  • Redundant Hosting Included
  • VPS Hosting Included